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Ever since the first federal law on income taxes was passed in 1913, CPAs have been extensively involved in tax matters. Mark keeps abreast of changes in the increasingly complex tax system and can provide expert tax advice. Mark Wright helps small business owners with tax compliance, keeping them aware of tax law changes, and helping them choose among the available options and provisions. He can prepare business income tax returns, as well as sales, payroll, and franchise tax returns. He can also represent his small business clients before the IRS, if necessary.

Since most business decisions have tax ramifications, an experienced CPA plays an equally important role as tax planners. In this capacity, Mark Wright will advise small business owners on the tax implications of proposed transactions and provide assistance in overall planning. He will help small business owners understand how transfers of ownership, changes in inventory procedures, acquisitions and mergers, and other transactions can affect their taxes. He also can answer day-to-day questions about depreciation, contributions, installment sales, and other specific tax problems.

Mark Wright provides advice on the tax effects of various types of business organizations, including sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations, and limited-liability companies.

Personal financial planning
As a personal financial planning advisor, Mark Wright will help small business owners make the right financial planning decisions by analyzing their overall financial and tax situations; helping them devise estate plans and plans for retirement; and assisting them in risk management, insurance planning, and developing an investment philosophy, among other things.

Adding value to the small business
Mark Wright makes small businesses his business. He approaches each set of business, tax, and financial problems with objectivity. He will work with small business owners to find solutions to these problems and to ensure that companies are meeting their objectives. Mark is prepared to help his client recognize and deal with a variety of business situations.

Whether small businesses are just getting off the ground or have been established for some time, Mark Wright, CPA, can help put and keep them on the track to profitability.


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